If you're one of the people who read "Earl Sweatshirt Announces..." and got excited, only to finish the headline feeling a hollow sense of disappointment, well, I apologize (though I feel your pain). It's been a minute since Earl released his dark album I Don't Like Shit. I Don't Go Outside, and since then, fans have been patiently waiting for another album from the reclusive young rapper. And while he has previewed a few loosies in the interim, Earl has been largely quiet on the musical tip. However, that doesn't mean he's not busy working on some other endeavors. 

Yesterday Earl made announced that he would be rolling out a new clothing line, DEATHWORLD, at Tyler, The Creator's upcoming Camp Flog Gnaw this upcoming weekend. He made the announcement via Twitter, stating "come see and buy my new clothes they're good i have no reason to lie." The poster features a spider, along with a tagline reading "Feral hands keep a spinning orb of death in motion!” 

One of his representatives issued a statement about the upcoming brand, which went as follows:  “In part a response to the practicality and nostalgia of sportswear and the current sociopolitical state of this spinning orb, Earl Sweatshirt's new brand DEATHWORLD aims to deliver time-honored clothing for those who choose to speak profoundly, not loudly.” The closing words are a perfect encapsulation of Earl as a rapper, who tends to deliver deep and intricate lyricism with a casual, MF Doom-esque flow. Check out some image samples of DEATHWORLD below, and sound off. Would you rock this line? If so, fear not. DEATHWORLD will soon be available online, should you be unable to attend Camp Flog Gnaw.

As for Earl's music, there is still no concrete news. However, he did premiere some songs during live performances, so it's possible that his appearance at Camp Flog Gnaw will yield some new music.