It's hard to ascertain whether Odd Future is even an entity after losing touch in he public sphere. All members seem to be cool with one another, so why the radio silence? Have they self-actualized, grown tired of flaming shit bag pranks? Unless they explicitly say so, Odd Future remains a group entity; there is after all the annual Golf Wang group assembly.

Of all the artists represented under the Odd Future banner, no one seems more allergic to internet fame than resident wordsmith Earl Sweatshirt. So much so, that he's been known to cancel on promoters, on short notice. Such is the scenario we find him in Today: Field Day, a UK festival which hoped to have Earl on hand for its closing number but alas.

Earl Sweatshirt was booked for June 2nd, the final day of the Field Day festival in London. The Festival was forced to announce his cancellation on via Twitter several hours before he was set to perform. According to the festival's social media liaison, Field Day wasn't the only casualty of his cancellation spree. Apparently Earl has withdrawn from all summer bookings on the continent for reasons not publicly known.

Field Day decided a diplomatic pardon was their best PR move. No replacement could be found in the limited time frame. The 2018 lineup was/is composed of Earl Sweatshirt, Thundercat, Princess Nokia, Erykah Badu, Madlib & many more.