Almost a year after the track started buzzing on soundcloud, Earl Sweatshirt has finally discovered Post Malone's "White Iverson," which reached as high as No. 14 on the Billboard 100 last year. Upon his first listen, Earl was confused about the hype behind Malone's breakout hit -- "who let this slide?" he asked his Twitter followers. 

Earl then revealed that, seeing as he's a "grown ass man," he won't be playing the song again any time soon. 

Of course, Post soon got word of Earl's tweets, and he took the snub about as well as he possibly could have. Post not only retweeted the first tweet in which Earl mocked "White Iverson," he went on to retweet a fan calling for an Earl Sweatshirt and Post Malone collaboration (see above gallery).

Post let his true feelings be known, though, when he sent out his own tweet: "I don't sweat shit." And as you can see, he's now changed his Twitter username to "Post Sweatpants." 

Watch the "White Iverson" music video below.