DJ Vlad penned a tribute post on Instagram which predominantly discussed AIDS Awareness. Many people, including members of Eazy E's family, have refuted claims that the legendary Compton rapper died from complications of AIDS. Rumors that Eazy-E was killed by either Suge Knight or the CIA have been surfacing for years. Eazy's daughter, Ree recently took issue with Vlad's post and put the journalist on blast for suggesting Eazy-E died from AIDS.

In a clip posted to social media, Ree went off on DJ Vlad for suggesting that AIDS killed her father even though she claims he knows that wasn't the late rapper's cause of death. 

"In reference to that post that lame ass dude posted," she said. "For you to post my dad's obituary and say 'rest in peace' but to follow after talking about some, 'AIDS is real. Use a condom,' when he knows because he's spoken to a few members of my family in reference to my dad and knows that it's not AIDS that killed my father. That shit pisses me off."

She added, "Respect my family. If you want to say rest in peace, how you disrespecting my dad's legacy by saying 'AIDS is real. Use a condom.' Like, n***a, that's not even the case and you know that. My daddy was murdered and you know that shit."

Vlad has since responded to Eazy's daughter's statements on Instagram. "I recently made a post on @VladTV's Instagram about Eazy-E passing," he said in a statement. "In the caption, I not only sent my condolences but also talked about AIDS awareness. I stated that "AIDS is real" and people should use condoms, get themselves and their partners tested, use instant HIV test kits like Oraquick, as well as exploring HIV prevention medication like Truvada."

However, Vlad stood by his initial statements. He said that while some of his interview subjects believe "Suge Knight or the CIA secretly killed Eazy, I do not subscribe to this theory."