Joe Rogan is one of the most famous podcast hosts in the world. Every day, he invites his guests to offer insight on their careers, usually diving into some pretty interesting territory. We're still waiting on the promised episode with Kanye West but while we wait for that, Rogan may have some explaining to do beforehand. Ebro managed to dig up a clip of the podcaster making some racist remarks while being recorded and he's threatening to cancel the man altogether. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the clip, the podcaster speaks about when he and his friend were figuring out which theater to see Planet of the Apes at. "We're going to see Planet of the Apes. So I look at the iPhone app and it says, take me to this [theater.] And the guy goes 'ok.' I go 'Is that in a good neighborhood?' He says 'yeah yeah yeah.' He barely speaks English. He takes us there, we get out and we're giggling, 'Oh we're going to see Planet of the Apes!' We walk into Planet of the Apes... We walked into Africa dude. We walked in the door and there was no white people."

The video is obviously pretty old. Joe's hairstyle is different from his pure baldness today. Also, the video was originally shared by Alex Jones. That's generally not a good start. It's unclear exactly when this segment was filmed but in Joe's defence, this might have just been a joke gone wrong. That's still no reason to make a clearly racist remark though, comparing black people to apes. What are your thoughts? Is Ebro being too sensitive on this one or do you agree with him?