Ecuadorian soccer star Enner Valencia returned to his home country this week to play in a 2018 World Cup Qualifier against Chile but he didn't receive the warm welcome he was probably expecting. 

As it turns out, Valencia owes his baby mama $17,000 in child support and when he reported to practice on Thursday morning he was greeted by a couple of police officers as well as a lawyer. The cops didn't take him into custody at that moment, but they later stopped the Ecuador team bus as it pulled up to the stadium for their game against Chile. Again, for whatever reason, no arrest was made.

And then during the game, with his team up 3-0, Valencia faked "altitude sickness" in hopes that a trip in the ambulance would save him from another encounter with the police. 

Footage captured by a fan shows Valencia being carted away from the field as police run to apprehend him. A flop for the ages, indeed.

In the end, after evading capture on three separate occasions, a judge in the child support case withdrew the arrest warrant.