When Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagomedov back in October, it was quite the spectacle as Khabib ultimately won the fight and then hopped into the crowd to fight some of McGregor's people. It was a pretty rough scene and ended up costing the fighters some money, as well as some well-deserved suspensions. McGregor has been trying to get a rematch from Khabib for a while now, although it doesn't appear like the fighter is very interested in something like that happening. Either way, even if they were to fight again, some believe McGregor has no shot at actually winning. One of those people is UFC fighter Eddie Alvarez, who spoke to TMZ Sports about the prospect of a rematch.

"He can't overcome the style matchup," Alvarez explained. "Khabib just has a style that beats him. That's it."

Alvarez has fought McGregor in the past back in 2016 at UFC 205. McGregor eventually won that fight by TKO in the 2nd round, but as Alvarez described, the way McGregor wins fights just simply won't work against a fighter like Khabib. Alvarez even said he thinks that Khabib wants to retire and never fight again, which would be a pretty big loss for the sport.

In his MMA career, Alvarez finished with a record of 29-6.