El-P of Run The Jewels is adamant that Spotify isn't doing enough to protect artists under its umbrage against the threat of fraud. The rapper-producer jumped on Twitter to air out his grievances in a post in which he outlined how many times he's had to deploy his legal team against infringement when Spotify is allegedly in charge of maintaining order.

El-P is highlighting a general incompetence which Spotify should do a better job of managing. Ever notice how lesser-known artists often have miscellaneous track unrelated to their catalog grouped into their Spotify page -- well Spotify is supposed to keep things compartmentalized in an organized manner. Based on El-P's experience with the platform, they certainly aren't keeping up their end of the bargain. 

El-P claims that everytime a phony "El-P" springs up on his page, he has to spend an additional $250 in legal fees just to sort the mess out. El-P later added in a subsequent Tweet, the official mandates as issued by Spotify itself.

"For those that don’t know, the rules Spotify have set forth are as follows: If someone uploads music in your name to your or your music to theirs fraudulently, your only recourse is to issue a takedown by a lawyer. Spotify doesn’t help. This happens to me almost monthly," he tweeted.