Elizabeth Hurley is someone who gives true meaning to the phrase 'life's a beach.' Just take a moment to look through her Instagram and you may notice that the vast majority of them are on a beach or by a pool. The reason for this, other than the fact that beaches are nice, relaxing places to be, is that Elizabeth Hurley owns a swimwear brand called Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Because of this brand, she's dedicated her Instagram to posting casual photos of herself in bathing suits that just happen to be produced by the brand she owns. Her marketing must be working, if the 280 thousand views of her Instagram video (posted nine hours ago) are anything to go by:

Hurley, who is 53(!), is the star of the show The Royals, which was the first scripted show on E!. The soap opera was about a cutthroat, fictional royal family and aired for four seasons until being cancelled early this year, freeing Hurley up to spend more time wearing bathing suits. Back in the day, Hurley appeared in the classic, Austin Powers: