Elon Musk is doing what Batman should have done with all his money. Although it would be cool to see someone run around with billions in technology fighting crime, there are more efficient ways to create a better world. Such as producing reliable electric cars, creating the first space launch planned for civilians, and building a high-speed low-cost transportation system. Tesla, SpaceX, and Hyperloop are all creations of Elon Musk, and we're still leaving out contributions such as Paypal.

Elon Musk hopped on Twitter on Sunday to announce that the first Hyperloop test track will launch in December. "The first tunnel is almost done," he tweeted. "Opens Dec 10." According to CNNthe test track runs for two miles and will feature an opening event that day and free rides for passengers the following day. In 2016, Musk launched The Boring Company to dig tunnels under Los Angeles, a task that many said would be arduous and pointless. The Hyperloop system is extremely complicated at the least, and genius level maneuvering at most. It functions using vacuum sealed tubes, allowing capsules carrying passengers to be transported to their destination at speeds around 700 mph. Hyperloop can change transportation in a major way, although long-distance travel using vacuum sealed tubes is considered impossible. Impossible is nothing to Musk though.