Emily Ratajkowski is known worldwide for her stunning beauty. The model regularly shares photos of herself wearing next to nothing on social media, getting the boys to drop their jaws and the girls to become hella envious of her body. In the last week, Emily has shared several photos of herself in her underwear, half promoting the brands and partly just reminding everyone of just how bad she really is. She switched things up today because instead of wearing her own clothes, she opted to put on her husband's boxer-briefs for a quick selfie.

Ratajkowski shared a photo of herself rocking a crop top and her husband's underwear, noting that she still steals her man's clothes from time to time even though she helped launch a line of bodywear. This comes shortly after she posted a series of pictures from the supermarket. She wasn't just doing her regular shopping though. Em was rocking a few different lingerie looks as she roamed the aisles. The concept was strange but it turned out to be a hit. 

At this point, Ratajkowski can confidently release a photo book of her entire Instagram page and it would probably sell out in minutes. Are you feeling the new looks?