Jimmy Kimmel will be staging his "Back to Brooklyn" homecoming for five episodes next week. At the tail-end of the taping that aired Friday night, Jimmy listed his musical guests for the upcoming week, among them are two high profile names of interest to consummate rap fans: Eminem and Wu-Tang Clan. Since then, ABC has updated their calendar to reflect those announcements.

All the guests, including the non-musical acts, are listed in sequential order on each day. The parenthetical information denotes what each guest will be speaking on, more or less. On Wednesday for example, Cardi is listed as a "non-musical act" with no parenthetical information. Therefore, one can assume her interview will be something of a free-for-all. Eminem is listed as the musical guest on Monday, whereas the Wu-Tang Clan will help close the ceremonial visit to BK. According to HeadlinePlanet, Eminem will perform his "Venom" number atop the Empire State Building, keep that in mind.

Monday, Oct. 15

1. Adam Sandler (100% Fresh)
2. Musical Guest Eminem

Tuesday, Oct. 16

1. John Krasinski (“Jack Ryan”)
2. Musical Guest St. Vincent 

Wednesday, Oct. 17

1. Cardi B.
2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (congressional hopeful)
3. Musical Guest J. Balvin Ft. Zion & Lennox 

Thursday, Oct. 18

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Mark Twain Prize for American Humor)
2. Mike Birbiglia (“The New One”)
3. Musical Guest Bebe Rexha 

Friday, Oct. 19

1. Musical Guest Wu-Tang Clan
2. Legendary bandleader Paul Shaffer (sit-in with Cleto and The Cletones)