Not only is "Stan" one of Eminem's best songs of all time, but now, the name has been officially immortalized in the greater English lexicon. The Oxford English Dictionary, also known as the academic's bible, has actually added "Stan," defining the term as ""Stan [n]: An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity." And while Em's song about the titular character's dark descent into obsession is fiction, there are definitely some fans who might be worthy of taking up the mantle. Well, for all those self-professed Stans out there, this new line of Eminem merchandise may literally have your name on it.

On his Instagram page, Eminem (or the powers behind his social media presence) has shared a promo for his new line of merch, advertised only as "LIMITED EDITION EMBROIDERED STAN MERCHANDISE." While there has yet to be any sort of visual reveal, a promotional picture does feature a "Stan" embroidered white hat, along with some yellow kitchen gloves, presumably not for sale. However, even if they were, the true Stans would still buy them. As of now, the release date of the merch line has yet to be revealed, but fans can sign up for early access right here

In case you missed it, Eminem has been steady making headlines, leading many to conclude that his upcoming Revival album will be dropping on November 17th. While none of this is officially confirmed, Em's camp released a detailed website highlighting a miracle Revival drug, featuring myriad Eminem references throughout. Not only that, but Em is also set to appear as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 18th, one day after the alleged release date. Stay tuned for more on that.