Since being dubbed 50 Cent's "favorite white boy" on 2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Eminem and 50 Cent have enjoyed a run as one of hip-hop's iconic friendships. During war times with Murda Inc, Em and 50 loaded up as a united front. On a musical tip, they frequently exhibited an unexpected chemistry; Em's brooding, minor key production proved a fitting backdrop for 50 Cent's tortured bravado. Even the ostensibly lighthearted "Gatman & Robbin" played out like a threatening promise, despite a beat centered around "na-na-na-na-na Batman." Suffice it to say, the camaraderie has spanned nearly fifteen years, and continues to yield surprises.

Anyone present to catch the Governor's Ball in real life can attest. While Eminem unfortunately put a kibosh on the livestream for the second time this year, it wouldn't be a concert in 2018 without approximately seventeen phones filming at all times. As a result, fans were able to capture one of the evening's most pleasant surprises. As the iconic, carnival-esque introduction of "Patiently Waiting" rang out, 50 himself sauntered onto the stage, prompting an ecstatic reaction from those in attendance. He proceeded to hold it down for "Crack A Bottle," "In Da Club," and more.

Em also brought out New York's own Phresher for a rendition of "Chloraseptic Remix," taking some time to add another "dad selfie" to the mix. He also chopped it up with former collaborator Redman, who Em has previously praised as one of his favorite rappers on multiple occasions. Throw 50 Cent into mix and you've got a hip-hop meeting of the minds for the ages. Check out our review of the concert, and why not ponder what a 2018 collaboration between 50 Cent and Eminem might sound like?