Eminem's forthcoming LP Revival has been all the talk within the hip-hop community for the past couple of weeks. His fans have been waiting with bated breath for any and all details that they can get their hands on before the album drops. In fact, Eminem even rolled through the Shade 45 studio to give what was ultimately a pretty tight-lipped interview with DJ Whoo Kid on his rdaio program. Nevertheless, at least one fan felt rewarded by the veteran rapper recently, after he personally called her up to commend her for her Revival ad decoding skills.

According to tweets sent out yesterday, Slim Shady fan Tara received an impromptu call form the legendary emcee after she was the first to pick up on one of the "barely there" hints to his upcoming studio effort back in mid-October. The tweets that she sent out at the time, where she correctly picked out a bogus drug ad during an airing of Saturday Night Live, can be seen below.

She followed up on that train of thought during the past 24 hours, when she admitted that Shady was able to track her down and have a brief conversation with her via phone about her expert sleuthing skills. " Today [my friend and I] got a phone call from Marshall Mathers himself," she stated. "I was nervous AF & I’m sure sounded like an idiot, but that was an awesome reward for realizing 'Revival' was his new album before anyone else. Can’t wait to hear it all." She later elaborated on what exactly was said during the call when other fans, obviously envious of the experience, prodded her for details.

"It was a quick convo," she continued. "[...] he asked how we figured it out, what tipped us off. I told him and then he said congrats or great job. It was a blur." Though the discussion didn't last too much longer than that, it clearly made an impression on the young fan. "He talked a little more about askaboutrevival campaign and then we said goodbye," she added. "I didn’t want to ask too many questions and overstep. It was quick but crazy!"

Check out her entire Twitter recollection of the chat below.