Eminem's monumental "Kamikaze" release is now available for purchase in compact disc format. The album which is set to move 350K units in its first week will actually hit stores in the antiquated format of Eminem's adolescence. Makeshift electronic sections in department stores like Target and Walmart are excited to enter into a licensing arrangement with Em. My sources tell me there's a hidden market for "traditional album sales" I've yet to see first hand. According to HHNM, the limited CD press is already out of stock in a lot of locations.

As documented by this enthusiastic Eminem/wrestling fan, the liner notes contain a "I Will Die Unconquered" infographic, as well as never before seen Aircraft nose art emblazoned on the CD itself. Over on his online shop, Eminem is also selling album art lithographs, a vinyl version of the record, t-shirts, bombers, jackets, long sleeve shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, beanies and adjustable hats.

Eminem's recorded CD sales from year's past stack up with the very best. The Detroit rapper only ranks second in overall sales to artists like Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, in the tier right below the 250 million mark. If Eminem keeps putting, he has a chance to join the elusive company of the 1st tier, sooner than you might think.