If you're a hip hop fan, tomorrow's episode of Saturday Night Live is definitely geared towards your liking. With Chance The Rapper set to be the host and Eminem performing two tracks off his upcoming album, Revival, it's definitely looking like it'll be a stand-out episode. Today, SNL released the promotional video for it with both artists as well as Leslie Jones.

Eminem, Chance The Rapper and Leslie Jones came through for the promotional clip for it. Of course, there were three separate segments to it. The first part of it had Leslie Jones playing telephone with Eminem.

"Yo Chance, ask Em why he won't battle me," she asks. After he parlays the message, Em simply responds, "Because she'll win."

Later on, Eminem is confused by Chance's name, considering that Em's the musical guest. Em and Leslie both brainstorm on potential names for him. Chancer the Dancer, Chance the Hotty, Chance the Poet, Chance Encounter and a few others pop into their mind but who knows which one Chance will actually end up picking. However, it doesn't look like Chance is really down for a name switch. 

A few days a go, Chance revealed another promo video for it where he's seen hosting a dance party in the halls of the SNL studios.

Aside from Chance taking the role as a host this time, the most exciting aspect of this is Eminem will likely be performing a new track off his upcoming album. He's expected to play the Beyonce featured, "Walk On Water" but will also premiere another track off the project.

Eminem's next project has been pretty under wraps for the most part. He hasn't really spoke on it and it's been an album predominantly built off of speculation. He recently opened up the EMA's with "Walk On Water." Since then, rumors sparked that his album would drop (or leak, rather) today (Nov. 17) but has yet to see the light of day. If the speculations from the "Revival" medical campaign were true, maybe we'll end up seeing it by next week. 

Check out the Saturday Night Live Promo below: