Eminem recently revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album Revival and it's safe to say that the response from hip-hop fans and Slim Shady stans alike has been mixed. While some are hopeful that some of the feature choices might help the LP go in a different direction from his recent, "softer" studio offerings, many have seen it as a disappointing red flag for a continuation of that trend. 

One of the album's featured artists, Phresher, has been hyping up his appearance on the track "Chloraseptic," calling it "raw as f**k" in a recent interview. However, while some might be familiar with the name, almost no one knew how Eminem came to know of the NYC rapper and his work. As Phresher explained to the crew over at This Is 50, it all had to do with a Royce Da 5'9" remix to his song "Wait a Minute."

"Royce Da 5'9" went ham on 'Wait a Minute,'" he said. "Three minutes, just...retarded. Eminem hit [Royce] on Twitter, 'Ay, what is this? What is this, and why are you doing this?' [Royce 5'9"] goes, 'This is Phresher's record.' [Eminem] goes, 'Oh..ok, ok.' And that's when it happened." Though Em had supposedly shouted out that track a short while after getting the clarification from Royce, the storyline didn't get as real until Paul Rosenberg, Mathers' manager, called and said that the legendary rapper wanted Phresher to do a hook on his new album.

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