The Defiant Ones is fast becoming one of the most anticipated television events for music fans in some time and HBO is only letting that buzz grow with a brand-new trailer.

Released online and through their social media accounts earlier today, the new minute-long taster shows us flashes of conversations with Eminem, Dr. Dre, music mogul Jimmy Iovine and other familiar faces. Interestingly, this trailer focuses way more on Dr. Dre's backstory, how all he wanted to do was "get in there and rock" after first fooling around with a couple of turntables and a mixer.

Iovine echoed similar praise for the hip-hop titan, recounting how impressed he was when he found out Dre had recorded The Chronic himself and hadn't had anyone else do it. The pair have dominated the music scene not only with artist discoveries and millions of album sales worldwide, but all through their Beats by Dre line of merchandise.

The four-part documentary drops on July 9th.