Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Prepare the flowers, chocolate and fluffy teddy bears for your girl but make sure you don't miss Eminem's video drop. Em has been teasing the video for "River," which features crooner Ed Sheeran, for the last few days and the tension keeps on rising. In the teaser shared on Instagram, Marshall is in the gym shadow-boxing and getting his frustrations out on a heavy bag while background audio of a combative argument plays. 

The rapper's love life has been an ongoing story in hip hop as of late, with many pondering about Em's relationship status. Marshall Mathers has been seen in images with a mystery woman, which has since been determined to be a publicity stunt for the video release. Since the rapper is regularly out of the public eye, the Internet collectively lost their minds over it. The content of his music has often centred on relationships and the rocky ones that he has encountered. 

Eminem captions the video as "Hi Suzanne / Bye Suzanne #River 10AM EST VDAY TOMORROW," recalling the lyrics of the track and detailing the release time. While we would like to be thinking only of our significant others on Valentine's Day, Eminem will be on our minds at 10AM EST as we are highly anticipating the release of the seemingly somber "River" video.