Eminem's "Kick Off" garnered a variety of reactions. His fans took the diss track as yet another symbol of his lyrical prowess. Others took it as a joke, comparing his performance to the impersonation of comedian Chris D'Elia. Then, in come the supporters of the people who were dissed on the track. Christina Aguilera fans seem to have made the most noise, along with some allies.

The mention of the pop star on "Kick Off" recalls their first public disagreement that began with an interview on MTV. After Christina spoke of Slim Shady's "My Name Is" music video and its shock value, prompted by the television host's questions, she offered some extra information. Apparently, she had heard of Eminem's recent marriage to a woman who happened to be the same one he mentioned/murdered in a previously released song. Her comments upset the emcee, leading him to return some heat via "The Real Slim Shady."

Fans who are old enough to recall this spat assume Eminem is still butt-hurt over the matter.

 Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Most of the disapproval rose from the violent nature of the lyrical content. The condoning of sexual assault was named as one of the main reasons for the critics' upset. Peep the bars in question:

“F*ck Christina with a plastic spoon/While I bump some G-funk and blast some Snoop/‘Cause her double-G cups are massive, huge!/It’s fun for me to just to grab a boob/Plus my penis got an attitude. My f*ckin’ weiner’s in a combative mood.”