Snapchat was one of the biggest social media platforms in 2017. I mean, it was so big they threw a $4M New Year's Eve party for their staffers with Drake as their surprise performer. It became a social media platform that spawned several other similar features on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. For most of us regular folks, it's a platform to connect with our friends and family but for celebrities, it helps give fans better insight to their life. We've seen the Kardashians, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and more join the platform and give fans a glimpse into their world. However, it looks like one of the biggest artists alive has recently joined the platform as well.

Eminem hit up Instagram to reveal that he's now an official member of the Snapchat universe. The rapper shared his Snapcode on his IG page along with the caption, "Eminem X Snapchat Lens GO GET IT. Link in bio." It's interesting considering how he leads an incredibly private life and his social media activity is relatively scarce, for the most part. However, we're hoping he gets his DJ Khaled on and uses Snapchat to flex his comedic side.

With the Snapchat lens, it's likely that fans will get to see his POV at his upcoming festival shows. Within the past week, it's been revealed that he'll be headlining Coachella, Governor's Ball, Boston Calling and Bonnaroo and it's likely as the months go by, he'll be rocking additional festival stages as well. 

 Grab Eminem's Snapchat code below.