There have been a few strange feuds this week. Trey Songz and Meek Mill have been at it today. 6ix9ine has continued his tirade against the music industry. However, the most unexpecting beef erupted over the past few days after an unreleased Eminem verse leaked. It was the original verse included on Conway's "Bang" that was never released that essentially called out Revolt TV, likely over a negative review.

"Shout to Puffy Combs, but fuck Revolt/ Y’all are like a fucked up remote/ Now I get it why our buttons broke/ Cause you pressing him but do nothing though, especially when it comes to punches throne," he raps on the verse.

Revolt swiftly replied on social media, "Fuck you too, Eminem" and returned back to their regularly scheduled program. Now, some may have expected Em to lash out but he didn't. Instead, he shared a relatively thoughtful response admitting that he was in the wrong and extended an olive branch.

"I agree with Revolt... this is an unnecessary distraction," he wrote. "I never meant for the verse to be heard, I was heated int he moment and thought better of it and decided to pull it back. Stuff that I never intended to release continues to leak from the huge WeTransfer hack. I don't have any issues with Revolt. I'd actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive things and turn this in a different direction."

Check the statement out below.