Joyner Lucas has a penchant for not mincing his words. He has added his voice to the chorus of adulation arising from Eminem's landmark crossing of 107.7 million records sold, 2nd All-Time. Em overtook pop music heavyweights such as Katy Perry and Taylor, with only Rihanna standing tall overhead.

Joyner took to Instagram to share in the celebrations. The post features a screen cap of a Henry Mansell's article, and a picture of a pensive Eminem collecting his thoughts. That image alone upholds conventional wisdom, of Eminem being your favourite rapper's rapper.

Joyner's I'm Not Racist, borrows from Eminem stylistically and even cross-references the freestyle he performed at the BET Awards cypher in the song itself. 

Although selling records doesn't necessarily land you Rap Supremacy, the 2nd place rank can be viewed as a feather in his cap, and its through no fault of his own that Eminem has attracted such a wide and varied audience.

Joyner Lucas is currently hard at work with Timbaland. Eminem 9th studio release came out in December.