Just like how Disney releases remastered versions of their classic films in better quality every now and again, Eminem came through with an update to some of his old music videos.

The legendary rapper has been busy this week, sitting down for a chat-room experience with fans to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of his album The Marshall Mathers LP. Since its arrival, visual technology has changed a lot. Thankfully, there are ways to restore old videos and movies to make them easier to watch in 2020. Em utilized those techniques to drop some freshly-updated versions of some of his best videos ever.

"MMLP music videos newly remastered in HD on the site," wrote the rapper on social media, re-directing people to his website where you can view a number of the updated clips. Among the remastered videos are "Stan," "The Real Slim Shady," and "The Way I Am."

Finally, we can view old Eminem videos in 1080p quality. 

What else do you think Slim Shady has in store for us this week? He's been dropping off plenty of surprises, including new merch, a question-and-answer period via chat-room, and now this. Does he have anything else planned? We'll have to wait and see.