To call Eminem a popular artist is an understatement of epic proportions. The twisted mind behind early singles like "My Name Is" and "Role Models" has since become a global icon on the level of Michael Jackson or The Beatles, mildly surprising given how polarizing and disturbing some of his early work was. Yet somewhere along the line, Em managed to win the hearts of universal audiences, a feat likely pulled off through crossover singles like the anthemic "Lose Yourself."

 Eminem Curtain Call The Hits

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In any case, the "Rap God' has undeniably ascended to heights artists could only dream of achieving. So much so that his lone greatest hits collection, 2005's Curtain Call: The Hits, has remained a fixture on the Billboard 200 charts for a grand total of four-hundred-and-ninety-six weeks -- that's almost ten years. And the crazy thing is, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. A report from Southpawer confirms that Curtain Call has returned to the Billboard charts in the 59th spot, though it's unclear what prompted the surge to occur; perhaps it was all those Lord Jamar fans deciding it was okay to bump Slim Shady again

At this rate, it's impossible to guess if and when Curtain Call will fall from the charts for an extended period of time. It seems as if the project is the perfect introduction to Eminem's music, boasting an impressive collection of all the biggest hits from his first four albums. Not to mention the twisted "FACK," which has officially been heard by a staggering number of people. That's a lot of listeners who will never look at a gerbil, nor a tube for that matter, in the same way ever again.