Eminem's daughter Hailie celebrates a birthday tomorrow (December 25th), but she's not waiting for her born day to show off abs-olutely spectacular torso on social media.

The 22-year-old shared a picture of her lounging in a revealing yet still elegant outfit via Instagram, boasting an impressively toned midsection in the process. You can check out her full post, which was captioned with "Happy early birthday to me, below.

While everyone will surely find themselves slowly and groggily dipping in and out of food comas this weekend and potentially right up until New Year's Eve, Hailie is out here making us all want to rush to the gym and step up our game. Like, damn.

Her dad has been the subject of a very divisive swath of fan reaction over the past couple of weeks, with his latest album Revival causing quite the stir in the hip-hop community. While some of the LP's offerings were catchy and nearly harkened back to the darker Slim Shady persona that galvanized the pubic more than a decade ago, much of his new album seemed meek and miscalculated, including his use of the police brutality narrative on "Untouchable." We're not sure what his daughter has to say about the new record, if anything, but with an apology track aimed directly at their relationship, she'll surely have an opinion on it at some point.

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