In case you haven't noticed, Eminem's new album has transformed from a blurred rumor to an almost certain musical commodity over the past couple of months. Following his incendiary cypher during the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, Slim Shady has dropped some not-no-subtle hints that a new project is about to hit store shelves and streaming platforms. The first big one was a Paul Rosenberg Instagram photo that, while seeming to promote Yelawolf's most recent LP, included a poster for a drug called Revival. Fans on Reddit did some digging and found out that both the online version of the ad and the website for the supposed medical aid were designed, at least in part, by Interscope. That, coupled with the backwards "E" in the drug's name, a stylistic flourish that has become synonymous with the rapper, was more than enough to whip fan expectation into a frenzy. Now, Eminem supporters have another piece of info to whet their appetites: a booth for the Revival "drug" that was set up at ComplexCon.

Standing in front of a backdrop that included the phrase "Seize the moment with Revival," Eminem's album reportedly got a strange bit of promotion from one lone representative. Dressed in a plain white polo shirt with the word "Revival" stitched into the right side of the chest area, the male booth operator talked about this being a non-narcotic solution to some problems that fans may experience when listening to, shall we say, above-average decibel levels. Later on in the video clip, he speaks about how his general physician is Dr. Dre (hint hint), a choice that fans who were on site heartily agreed with. If anyone needed a sign that Eminem's new album is really happening, it's this. Check out the entire video below.

Adding to the level of excitement for fans is the pairing of the Michigan rap god and Chicago's first son, Chance the Rapper, as the entertainment duo for an upcoming episode of Satruday Night Live. Eminem seems to be listed as the musical act, but it would seem conceivable that Chance will join him for at least one song. Em supporters are going to want to circle November 18th on their calendars, since any live TV performance from Slim Shady is not to be missed.