When CNN interviewed Gene Huber, a supporter Donald Trump invited onstage at his latest rally in Florida, nobody expected he would turn out to be an absolute Trump stan. The rabid fan confessed he saluted a cardboard cut-out of the U.S. President on a daily basis.

What turned out to be a strange CNN interview raised guffaws when Twitter user @BeardedGenius hijacked Gene Huber's revelation. He added instrumentals from Eminem's "Stan," featuring Didos' vocals. While hilarious, the remix highlights something dark about Huber's daily lifestyle.

Trump held a rally in an airplane hangar in Melbourne, Florida. Police say 9,000 people showed up to cheer on the president. In the clip below, watch as Huber takes questions from a CNN anchor and proceeds to spit about his devotion to Trump -- all backed by production from Eminem's classic.