It looks like Eminem is about to get some justice. As we reported earlier this year, 27-year-old Matthew Hughes (who is reportedly homeless) invaded Eminem's home and told the rapper he was there to kill him. Em was not harmed in the invasion, although his legal team reports that Hughes broke in through a window and Marshall thought it was a relative because the house was dark. Eminem was able to lead Hughes out of his home, where security was able to handle things. Police showed up soon after to arrest him. Hughes is charged with first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property.


According to the Detroit Free Press, a trial is set for April 19 in Macomb County Circuit Court. “I don’t believe we’re going to have trials with jurors until the vaccine is produced, and that’s a ways down the road, I think,” Judge Edward Servitto stated on the delayed date. However, Hughes does have the option to a quicker bench trial or one handled via Zoom. On top of his charges against Eminem, Hughes is also being charged with assaulting a prison employee. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office stated that Hughes punched a corrections officer in the face.