Legendary hip hop figure Eric B. has been released from jail after turning himself in on October 28 on a 17-year-old warrant for his arrest. The Blue Bloods actor is stamped in hip hop history as one half of the iconic duo Eric B. & Rakim, and it shocked fans to hear the he'd been taken into custody in New Jersey.

According to a report made by NJ.com, Eric B., real name Eric Barrier, didn't even know he had a warrant. Everything took a turn after the rapper was confronted by state police about his record. Back in 2002, Barrier entered a guilty plea to aggravated assault and resisting arrest/eluding in connection with an incident that took place in 2001. He was supposed to return to court two months later for his sentencing hearing but never showed up. The rapper said he wasn't avoiding the hearing; his attorney at the time, Paul Bergrin, reportedly told him he didn't need to be there. Barrier also claims that he never received any notification about him missing a mandatory hearing.

Bergrin may not have been the best person to have as a lawyer, because years down the line he found himself on the wrong side of the law. He's currently in a highly restricted prison serving out six life sentences after being "convicted of murder, cocaine trafficking, racketeering, and a list of other offenses. Bergrin's list of crimes aren't for the faint of heart.

To make bad news worse, the rapper spent his 56th birthday, November 8, in jail. "He advised me that his role on Blue Bloods will be compromised and he will likely have his contract voided if he is not released from the (jail) at this time to explain this entire situation to his producers/directors," attorney Patrick Toscano wrote to Judge James Guida.

The rapper has been released on bail and is scheduled to appear in court once again at the end of the month.