Eric Bellinger & Ne-Yo Channel Patrick Swayze In "Dirty Dancing"

Mitch Findlay
June 19, 2018 13:22

Eric Bellinger & Ne-Yo bring a refreshing dose of comedy to "Dirty Dancin" visuals.

Dirty Dancing may have been released in 1987, but its Patrick Swayze assisted legacy lives on even today. Case in point, the latest video from RnB tag-team Eric Bellinger and Ne-Yo, who keep the tradition alive with some new visuals. Like the film that shares its name, "Dirty Dancin'" employs somewhat of a loose narrative, setting things off with both men discoursing in a slightly Tarantino-esque fashion. Before long, the pair are discussing scenarios in which Elmer Fudd kicks in the door wielding the pump. 

The premise is simple. Upon seeing a lovely lady waiting for the dance instructor, Eric seizes the opportunity, taking the role upon himself. From that moment onward, the song kicks in, finding both singers holding it down in retro windbreakers worthy of Nice Guy Eddie. Not only is the song a true summer blammer, but the clip is genuinely funny at times, with sincere performances from both Ne-Yo and Bellinger. Peep this one now. 

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