Rappers having weird or interesting pets isn't really anything new (there are at least a few rappers who own monkeys), but Eric Bellinger might be the only artist out here walking goats down the street; Gucci wearing goats, no less. 

TMZ ran into Bellinger on Rodeo Drive in LA, on Thursday, and noticed that he had a couple of friends with him: two minature goats, each wearing a modified Gucci shirt and horn coverings. When asked about how much Gucci the goats were wearing, Bellinger responded with, "about $1800."

That's quite a lot of money to spend on clothes for goats, given their usual tendency to eat anything that's in front of them, but he seems to think it's worth it. As they stop and talk to the photographer, the two goats can't stop butting heads with each other, which is likely them playing with each other as opposed to an actual fight. Still, Bellinger seems to have more than he can handle just talking these two down the street.

He tells the photographer that he's actually on the way to the Gucci store, because the employees there didn't believe him when he said that he keeps his goats gucci'ed out at all times. When asked about why he got the goats, he says that he's a serious lover of yoga, and that he got the goats after discovering "goat yoga," which involves doing typical yoga poses while a goat hops on top of you.

Check out Bellinger's Gucci Goats in the video below.