Saturday was a huge night for Errol Spence Jr as he was able to unify his Welterweight titles against Shawn Porter. Spence won the fight by split decision and it was a thrilling match that had boxing fans incredibly satisfied at the outcome. With that being said, perhaps the biggest fight that night wasn't actually happening in the ring. As it turns out, things got pretty ugly in the crowd and a massive brawl took place.

The footage below was obtained by TMZ and is from the perspective of one of the spectators. According to the report, the whole ordeal began in the fourth round when some people started arguing about who was leading in points. The argument got physical and it all lasted for about a minute. Bodies were flying and security eventually got involved but by the time they got there, seats were strewn about and fans had been displaced.

In the end, no arrests were issued and things began to settle back down. Luckily, those who were displaced by the brawl were able to get back into their seats and enjoy the fight. 

This isn't the only crowd fight we've seen over the last few days as Eagles and Packers fans got into it at Lambeau Field on Thursday. Everyone just needs to chill.