Kanye West's recent antics have put off a lot of people including many of his day one supporters. Ever since his infamous appearance on TMZ Live where he said that slavery "sounds like a choice," everyone's been confused and hurt. In the midst of the current political climate of America, Kanye's alignment with Trump and friendship with Candace Owens has been a shock to many. One person who's fed up with Kanye West is rapper Eve

During "The Talk," Eve went off about Kanye West and how she's upset over his recent comments. Like most people, she's someone who's supported 'Ye and his music over the years and his recent actions has completely put her off. However, she wants young fans to listen to people who aren't delivering harmful messages but uplifting ones.

"It hurts my feelings. It hurt my actual feelings and it gives me chills as I'm talking about it because I'm like, this is a man that actually used to listen to. This is a person that we used to look to as an artist." She said, "Any young brothers lookin' at me, listening to me today: pick up some Nas, pick up some Damian Marley, pick up some J. Cole, pick up some Kendrick Lamar. Listen to these artists. I am done with Kanye."

Peep the clip below.