Over the weekend LeBron James hosted a Halloween party for all of his Cavaliers teammates and not only were the costumes on point, but the decorations were as well. 

Yesterday, everyone was quick to point out the sign on the face of the bass drum that read "3-1 Lead," but that wasn't even close to being the best part of the trolling decor.

As seen on a photo that LeBron posted to his IG, the tombstone shaped cookies on the dessert table read "Klay Thompson 2015-2016" and "Stephen Curry 2015-2016" with a nice "splash emoji" design at the very top of their headstones. 

The "Warriors blew a 3-1 lead" jokes have been ripe all throughout the off-season but the trolling from LeBron and the Cavs has topped them all. First it was the Ultimate Warrior shirts and Kermit hats while Golden State's bodies were still warm, then it was the subtle design on the championship rings and now it's the MF Halloween cookies. Expert level taunting. Flawless victory.