Chris Brown's musical output in 2017 was nothing short of astonishing. In addition to the multiple singles and feature efforts he released prior to Halloween, this massive album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which dropped on that day, has cemented his status as one of the world's most prolific musical entities. Now, Breezy is seeing a return on that effort, scoring a huge achievement with that mammoth, 46-track studio release.

The R&B star shared the announcement on his personal Instagram profile, trumpeting the fact that every single track on Heartbreak on a Full Moon has gone either Gold or Platinum. Much of this success has been due to Brown's utilization of the streaming model to his advantage, playing the field (as it were) with a boatload of tracks instead of being precious and making only certain material public. It's a strategy that, early on in 2018, is already paying off. Check out the announcement below.

"I wanna thank everyone who supports my music. ❤️ COULDNT BE MORE APPRECIATIVE," he wrote in the caption to the Instagram photo. Indeed, Brown has enjoyed an almost unprecedented amount of success over the past year, with the millions of streams and other online plays vaulting him in the Top Ten in terms of the RIAA's most certified singles artists in history. There's every indication that, with his fast-paced release schedule, Brown will continue to grow his numbers in the future.

While you're here, why not help Breezy up his numbers a little more by streaming the album in its entirety below.