Tragic news is coming out of the NFL today as it has been reported that former New England Patriots wide receiver, Donald (Reche) Caldwell, was shot and killed outside of his home in Tampa Bay on Saturday. 

According to TMZ, Caldwell was going on a date with his girlfriend when he decided to head back into his home to get a jacket. As he was going inside, a "couple of people" emerged from the bushes and ambushed him. The men were attempting to rob Caldwell and eventually shot him in the leg and chest. 911 was called and on his way to the hospital, Caldwell passed away from his injuries.

Reche Caldwell

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

"He was a good person who smiled all of the time," Caldwell's mother Deborah told TMZ. "He tried to help everyone he could. He was the type of guy who would take his shirt off his back and give it to you."

Caldwell played a total of six seasons in the NFL and was drafted back in 2002. He was also a standout wide receiver at the University of Florida and was beloved during his time there.

As for the alleged killers, there is no word yet on whether or not arrests have been made.