Meek Mill is definitely a "Dreamchaser" taking practically no time to ever sleep, the man is almost a walking zombie, as evidenced in our exclusive interview with him. But, it obviously pays off-- Meek has been grinding hard from the streets of Philly to the top of the MMG roster, making his dreams become a reality. We caught up with Meek before his debut album dropped and had a quick chat with him about the LP, working with Ricky Rozay and the MMG tour.

Meek says he took his time with his album Dreams & Nightmares, in contrast to a mixtape which he is more lax with. "You know, just mixtape I'm more reckless with it, and with an album I take my time with it, I get more personal with my life, this my first album introducing myself to the world, so I got more personal on the album."

We also wanted to know about his relationship with Rick Ross, working or otherwise. But it seems the two only really have a 'working' relationship, as whenever they're together, it's to make money. "Of course he one of my friends, he helped me change my life and my family life. When I'm around Ross it's all work, hard work when we together and we just gettin' money."

He also mentions his new Dreamchasers label when asked if he too would like to be Bawse one day. He reveals his Dreamchasers label expands to cover touring and publishing. "Actually, I am a boss of myself, I run my own company Dreamchasers Records, Dreamchasers Touring, Dreamchasers Publishing. So I'm always my own boss at the same time."

Finally he had a few words to say about the MMG tour, promising energy (let's hope he's found the time to rest a little before it kicks off!) "MMG tour, you can just expect a lot of energy. You can expect a great show coming to a city near."

Watch the full interview below.