A. J. Calloway has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women last year. After having this case dismissed, two more women have stepped forward in 2019. As previously reported, "both women have chosen to remain anonymous with fear of what could happen, detailing how 'A.J. is someone' who would affect their future if he knew their identities at this time." While the legal repercussions of these statements are unfolding, the entertainment entities associated with Calloway have chosen not to launch an investigation into the interactions in which he participated while under contract.

“We take allegations made against our employees seriously and investigate appropriately. To date, we have not received a complaint about A.J. Calloway and his work on Extra,” as Extra spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline, who reports that "there are no current plans for Calloway to be investigated by Warner Bros., whose Telepictures division produces entertainment newsmagazine Extra."

In similar circumstances, companies can opt to begin their own investigation in the matter like Fox, Nat Geo and the producers of Cosmos did after the second batch of women came forward against Neil deGrasse Tyson. In this instance, the allegations were completely unrelated to his entertainment career.