As we reported, Dallas Cowboys holdout Ezekiel Elliott will not face charges for an altercation that occurred in Las Vegas back in May. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has ruled against punitive action. Now that the dust has settled, Elliott is claiming that the security guard he got into the altercation with was attempting to extort him. 

According to police reports that were viewed by TMZElliott's lawyers emailed the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department a list of demands given to them by security guard Kyle Johnson, and his father, Kelly Johnson. Johnson reportedly wanted a minimum of14 grievances met in order for him to remain quiet about the entire altercation. This included $500,000 for himself, a $25,000 donation to his junior college football team, signed memorabilia from Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper, and a public apology. Johnson also requested that Elliott supply "tickets to Cowboys games [both home and road], Ohio State games and a meet-and-greet with Jerry Jones and his son." Apparently, Johnson though he hit the lottery. 

Elliott's legal team struck back at the time, telling Johnson and his father that their demands were nothing less than extortion. The two parties couldn't reach a resolution so Johnson took his story public and filed a lawsuit. "I had no intention to push and/or harm or intimidate Kyle Johnson," Elliott's affidavit reads. "After Kyle Johnson fell and I was finished speaking with the officers nearby, I immediately apologized to Kyle and he indicated to me that he was not hurt. We gave each other a hug and he asked me to take a picture with him, which I was happy to do as there was never any intention to harm or hurt Kyle."