There were many memorable performances at last night's BET Awards, including Future's knockout rendition of "Wicked" and Janelle Monae's inspired tribute to Prince. Brooklyn newcomer Desiigner was also enlisted to make his award show debut, and he provided quite the spectacle with his performance of his one and only single, "Panda," which happens to be one of the year's biggest hits. 

With that one song, Desiigner has already earned himself a reputation as one the game's most animated performers. Though he didn't vomit on himself last night, he did jump around like he was wearing moon boots, and his theatrics soon led him to venture into the audience, dabbing violently up and down the aisles. Many of the famous faces in the crowd were in awe of Desiigner's intensity, and others, like Maxwell, seemed to be rather perturbed. One of the most priceless reactions came from Fabolous, as a picture surfaced showing him giving Desiigner a totally blank expression. 

As many took his facial expression as evidence of his disapproval of Desiigner, Fabolous went on Twitter to let people know that he wasn't hating on the 19-year-old GOOD signee. Instead, Fab was caught off guard when Desiigner suddenly popped up next to him, as he had been on the stage just moments before. Telling his followers not to get it twisted, Fab tweeted, "Nah Desiigner just caught me off guard." "He was on stage, I look down at my phone for a minute," he explained, "Then I looked up & he was by me." 

Whether Fab was guilty of any shade or not, his reaction has made for some fantastic memes.