Yesterday (January 19), Mac Miller would've turned 28 years old had it not been for the accidental fatal overdose that took his life on September 7, 2018. Many across Hip-Hop took the occasion to honor the Swimming emcee with a plethora of R.I.P notes and recollections of better days, but it was Fabolous who might've had one of the most hard-hitting tributes. No, it wasn't a photo of them together or a song they collaborated on; Fab's post revealed more or less what could've been.

Showing us a text convo he had with Mac at some point before he died, Fabolous gave all 7 million of his Instagram followers a hard look at what it truly means to never take people for granted while they're still here. "Tomorrow isn’t promised.. Even tho we know it, i think we learn that the hard way. Sometimes we take advantage of TIME & think we will always have TIME or they’ll be another TIME," the Young OG rapper wrote as a caption, following up by stating, "Mac Miller is 1 of the couple artists i planned to work with but the time got cut short & it never happened. Never felt a need to share this but maybe you inspired me to share this with people or even other artist to seize the moment & opportunity. Live for today. Everyday." The text shows Mac thanking Fab for giving him Henny at a party in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, which then led both rappers to grab good eats at local spots — Mac hit up Williamsburg Pizza, while Fab ate at Sweet Chick. The small banter is heartwarming to read, but also extremely bittersweet as it shows that we were robbed of a "Fabolous (feat. Mac Miller)" or "Mac Miller (Feat. Fabolous)" collab. Unfortunately, it will now go down as yet another classic "what if" moment in the history of Hip-Hop.

R.I.P Mac Miller and Happy 28th Birthday.