It hardly seems like Christmas without a new project to bump from Fabolous. The rapper has made it his tradition to give fans a new release on Christmas Day, whether it was from his Soul Tape series or The Young OG Project. This year though, we'll be without a Fabo Xmas day release. You could always return to Summer Shootout, though. 

Fabolous was on HOT 97 this morning, where he discusses Summertime Shootout as well as the delay of The Young OG Project 2. Loso reveals the latter is being pushed back to February due to sample clearance issues. They also discuss Fabolous' penchant for working with new producers and rappers, as well as his '90s tip of course, and more.

You can catch the full interview below. Stay tuned for The Young OG Project 2 in a couple of months. Sidenote, our #TBT list is dedicated to Fabolous today.