Fabolous is pulling out all the stops to get his case dismissed in New Jersey courts. According to Bossip, Fabolous is on the cusp of accepting a plea deal that would see his case absolved pending a repayment of debt. The tie-up lies in the fact his legal team is determining whether or not their client is eligible for a pre-trial intervention, which is essentially a diversion tactic which could ultimately see his domestic violence charges dismissed upon completion. The issue is, pre-trials are normally accorded to first-time offenders and Fabolous has priors on his record.

The criminal complaint issued by the prosecution team alleges that Emily B's two front teeth had to be surgically removed due to the attack. Fabolous also has to answer to charges he issued terroristic threats we all saw with our own eyes thanks to TMZ sleuthing, the video hitting every key point that makes Internet content go viral.

If Fabolous is deemed ineligible for pre-trial intervention, these charges will force him into a situation where he may have to bid his time in prison, even though him and Emily B seem to have reconciled. They were reportedly seen celebrating Mother's Day together and their son's 3rd birthday this past weekend.