G Herbo's love life has been a fixture on blogs for the past few years but his relationship with Taina Williams has been making headlines for a while. It's in part due to the fact that Herbo, a rapper, is dating the stepdaughter of another rapper, Fabolous. And while Fabolous and Emily B expanded their family with a newborn baby over the weekend, Fab also extended a warm welcome to G Herbo into the fam.

A video surfaced this week of Herbo being gifted a new chain from Fabolous, evidently welcoming him to the fam with a chain that reads, "The Family." Herbo shared a video of himself getting the chain with Fab sitting across from him. "On Foe nem. That's cause of -- aye, that's cause I'm really in the family," Herbo said as he held the pendant.

"@myfabolouslife LOVE YOU BIG DAWGGG. THE FAMMMMM," he wrote.

Herbo and Fabolous have previously praised each other in recent interviews with the latter referring to himself as an OG to the former. In late 2019, Fab opened up about his relationship with Herbo. "I’m even able to be kind of like an OG to him on a sense of in their relationship too because she’s now dealing with a rapper,” Fabolous said. “I can even speak from his perspective a little bit and help (Taina) understand."

Herb previously detailed meeting Fab for the first time. Like meeting anyone's parents, it's nerve-wracking but for Herb, it was meeting someone that he knew idolized before meeting Taina.

"Of course, you nervous. A kid like me, you nervous. Going around him for the first time. You want to be accepted," he explained to HipHopDX earlier this year. "I was nervous my first time comin' around him. That's somebody that I just looked up to growing up."