Just like many of his peers, Famous Dex has had enough of Kanye West’s antics. On Wednesday, the fellow Chicago rapper hopped on his Instagram and ranted about his hatred for Kanye West now, which has re-surfaced online in a new clip.

Dex started off by saying that he will no longer support Ye by not wearing his shoes anymore, before going on to call him a bunch of derogatory slurs, like dumb, stupid, and bi-polar. Dex even ends his message by saying that he “hates his dumb [ass],” and you can feel the genuine tone in the Chicago rapper’s message.

“I will never in my life ever in my life never wear no more Kanye’s. Kanye West is the most stupidest, dumb, fuckin’ lost, bi-polar-dumb. You from the Southside of Chicago you dumb bitch. I hate your dumb ass,” Dex says before the clip ends abruptly.

Check out the aggressive rant (below) and let us know your thoughts on it all. Are you siding with Dex or do you feel for Kanye & want to believe in him still?