Famous Dex has been listed in a domestic violence report after police and SWAT was called to his house, according to TMZ. Police received a tip about a domestic situation at Dex's home which the caller described as turning violent. The caller also alleged that Famous Dex was carrying firearms inside of his house.

The woman, who's said to be his ex-girlfriend, reportedly had cuts on her. Police said they believed Famous Dex was still at the house and called SWAT for backup. 

Police said they also saw a video that Famous Dex posted on social media of himself holding a gun, specifically a TEC-9 semi-automatic with a magazine of ammo blatantly visible. In the video, he's addressing the fans and expressing his appreciation while clapping back at criticism over his drug use. His speech is rather slurred throughout the clip, as well.

Once police were able to get inside of the house, they weren't able to find Famous Dex. It's unclear whether he left the home or was even in here in the first place but police are still listing him as a suspect in a felony domestic violence report which police are currently investigating.

While police have described the video as troubling, NLE Choppa also expressed his concern for Famous Dex over the weekend because of his drug use. Dex later responded with appreciation, though he downplayed the problem.

We'll update you on Dex's situation.