Famous Dex is among the many rappers that enjoy their lean. He's been vocal about it, to the point where it's been hard to see him anywhere without a double cup. After a recent hospital scare, Dex has made a decision that his friends, family and fans are proud to see him make.

On a recent Instagram live stream, Famous Dex announced that he'd be quitting lean once and for all. The rapper said that he recently was rushed to the hospital and because of that, he's made an oath to stop the lean. He also mentioned that his withdrawals symptoms were terrible but because of his newfound sobriety, he feels much better overall. 

"I quit codeine, I don't do the lean no more. That's on my kids," he said, "You'll never, ever see me with a double cup. It fucked me up. I'm in the hospital right now. But I feel so better, I feel so good. God is so good."

On the stream, he admitted that the reason he hasn't been doing much music is because of his issue with lean but he promises to his fans that he'll be dropping new music soon and his album is on the way. He also spent a moment to encourage his fans that indulge in the purple stuff to quit while they can.

"I want to let all my fans know, if y'all could stop doing this shit now that's fuckin' y'all up," he said, "Really stop doing this shit, from the bottom of my heart. Because in the long run, it'll fuck you over. It's just like your body will shut down on you, man."

Despite the fact that he's quit lean, he still said that he'll continue to smoke weed at his leisure. 

Check out the full clip below: