It would be an understatement to say Tekashi69 is a controversial rapper. With his infamous rainbow-colored hair, his anime-inspired look gives him the appearance of a final boss in a SoundCloud rapper video game; regardless of how you feel about the colorful-hair pattern, you can't deny that his locks have become his most distinguishable feature. While some may immediately write the young rapper off for his unconventional appearance, consider that he's already garnered the respect of Swizz Beatz, which is a pretty epic co-sign. Though he has yet to drop a full length album, the "Gummo" rapper has amassed a loyal following of devout fans, as well as some particularly vocal haters. And, as is so often the case, sometimes the line between love and hate can get a little blurred. 

Recently, a Twitter user called out Tekashi for apparently choking him at a mall. "I JUST GOT CHOCKED BY TEKASHI 69 AT THE GALLERIA (Houston, TX) IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS," wrote Santiii, via Twitter. "MY MOM, BROTHER AND DAD LITERALLY HAD TO PULL ME AWAY FROM HIM AND HIS GOONS. I WAS RECORDING HIM WHEN HE DECIDED TO CHOKE ME HARD AS HELL. If you have any vids of this please send them."

His call to action ultimately yielded a few clips of the incident, which shows Tekashi tangling with the dude. 

After people started going after Tekashi for the perceived assault, hip-hop's Lizard King Ugly God himself entered the fray in an attempt to clarify what really went down. The way Ugly God tells it, the fan was deliberately antagonizing Tekashi, calling him a "gay ice cream truck" and a "walking lolipop." He also accused the dude of muting the video so the audio couldn't be heard.